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Looking After Baby Tortoises

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Looking after a Shortneck or Longneck Tortoise

Australian tortoises make ideal pets and live for many years. The following information is a guide to looking after your pet tortoise.

Housing: Baby Tortoises are best kept in an indoor aquarium for the first years of their lives where they can be cared and watched carefully. The aquarium should be kept at a temperature around 24°C. This may require the use of a heater during the colder months, which can be purchased from most pet shops. Your tortoise will require water where the tortoise will spend most of the time and a rock where the tortoise will bask.

Feeding a Baby Tortoise

Feeding: Baby tortoises should be fed a wide variety of foods to satisfy all the requirements of a growing tortoise. Frozen blood worms and beef heart are favorites but their diet can also include dried shrimp and live shrimps. Your tortoise should be fed one or two times a day for the first few years of their life, but over feeding must be avoided.

Your Tortoise Baby's Health

Health and looking after your tortoise: Hibernation is a natural part of a tortoise life in the colder months, but this should be avoided for the first few years of their life.

Fungus is a common health problem with baby tortoise cause from poor water conditions and appears as white spots on the tortoises skin. If not treated early this can easily kill your tortoise. This can be treated by painting an antifungus treatment on your tortoise and leaving the tortoise out of the water for one hour. If the fungus has not cleared within two days repeat the treatment until cured.

Soft shell is another common illness which is caused from poor diet and lack of natural light. This should be treated early by placing a neutralizing block in the water allowing your tortoise to receive natural sunlight, watch for overheating. Tortoise Necessities: Clear Water, Rock for basking, Neutraliser block, Heater and Filter.

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